Our terms and conditions are always customer friendly.

We agree to do the undertaken tour for you from airport to airport as per the final itinerary and confirmation submitted.

We agree to allocate you English speaking Chauffeur / Guide right throughout the tour.

Once the final Confirmation / Agreement is approved by you if we change any of the hotels without your approval we guarantee your money back

In every hotel we provide we guarantee you a doctor on call. Hence you are expected to inform us you medical condition (exceptional cases) in case you require a service of a doctor whilst in Sri Lanka. Further you are expected to inform us in advance if you require a wheel chair from airport to airport

In the vehicle we provide we guarantee a tourist passenger insurance cover.

We are not in a position to be responsible for any weather and climatic changes which is totally beyond our control

You have to be ready with valid passport, approved visa and other relevant documents go through the emigration on arrival without any interruption and without any undue delay.

The tourists have to be careful of all their personal belongings as we do not take responsibility for any losses of those due to your negligence.

The tourists are expected to be careful of your conduct while travelling and specially whilst in the hotels provided you making sure that you do not disturb any of the fellow guests in house

The tourists are expected not to damage any property belonging to hotels.